Fritzing Parts

Here at MAD Fellows we started using Fritzing  for demonstration graphics, and have had to make some parts. we have added a section that contains all the parts we make for Fritzing available for download.  This section will continue to grow as we make more parts. The link to this section is located on the side bar.


std::cout << "Hello World" << endl ;

Standard with any blog this is our, new first post here at MAD Fellows LLC. We are a group of researchers that have formed a development firm/think tank in the lovely Prescott area of Arizona. Our focus is in the fields of  computer science, applied mathematics, computational science ,mechanical ,electrical and aerospace engineering. With the our teams combined knowledge, we are capable of any size project, from proof of concept to full production.

Why the name, just like any great innovator there is a hint of crazy to push boundaries and explore new